Saturday, February 19, 2011

Race with rays.

Another sunrise shot in this month taken at the marina beach. After a very long time, I went to the beach early morning by 6 'O' clock. The clouds were just ok. When the rays pierced through the clouds, it was awesome. I was left with only around ten minutes to play with them. But those ten minutes were thrilling. I tried slow shutter speeds with the waves but missed my tripod very much that day. The title came to my mind only when i am typing this text. I hope that the title itself describes the entire shoot perfectly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chill out.

I took this image 2 days ago. The freezing bottle attracted me when i opened my refrigerator for drinking something cool. I was not sure if my lens can get close to the droplets. Still, i decided to try with it. This time, i was given a time limit as the droplets would unfreeze and drop down soon. I acted as fast as i can. Hopefully, i got a good shot within an hour and before the droplets dropped down. Having the drink infront of me without tasting a drop was difficult though. It was indeed thrilling.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A simple composition retouched with grains. I took this shot when i felt very bored one day. I was starring at the cordless thinking something else. Somehow, i decided to make a picture with it. I kept my bag besides it. The aperture was wide opened to bring out the softness in the background. I never thought of bringing the grain effect in this picture, but it striked me while reviewing them in my laptop. I realized that when a simple subject blends with a good idea, it makes a great picture.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Land of craters.

I enjoyed every moment of this shoot, even though it took me about 4 hours with the subject. An UK based photographer inspired me to take this shot. The bumps and droops resembled me as if they were in some other planet. They were nothing but the droplets of water. This picture is one of my best with this subject. The warm tone as well the cool tone in the same shot makes it special for me. Fortunately, i got one more good shot with this subject which looks so different from this picture. I wish to play again with the same subject, someday in the future.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rising in silence.

A simple early morning shot, which i took from my terrace. The orange tone attracted me much as the sun peaked out above the buildings. I always felt that the tower seems to be so proud for its height till the sun rises above it. I have watched a lot of sunrise moments from this point and everytime the tower conveys the same message to me. I liked to express that in this picture. I am expecting another moment in the same frame but with the sun expressing its silence. Hope, i would get that one day, very soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Light sword.

This image is taken in my room at pitch dark. The long exposure technique that has given shape to my light source. I used my uncle's samsung mobile torch as the source and of course, my hands to create this shape. The blue light and the black background contrasted me otherwise i would have taken it in the black & white picture mode. When i saw the picture on my LCD, i decided to use the word "sword" in this picture. Obviously, this picture is not my first attempt. I tried a few times playing with it. Somehow, i finished the shoot in an hour and went to bed right after.