Thursday, September 29, 2011

Enjoy your work

I clicked this picture some days ago in Marina. Since I go to this place often, I learned how fishermen live their life. First, they assemble the boat's engine in the shore. The weight of the engine requires atleast two people to carry it. Then they load the boat with fishing nets and necessary tools. After the boat is ready, everybody except two guys climb the boat. The two down, pushes the boat towards the water. Once the boat starts to float, the two guys runs fast to climb before the boat goes farther into the sea. They reach their fishing spot, spread their nets wide and wait patiently for hours. After collecting the required quantity, they return back to the shore, disassemble the engine and then sort the fish according to their variety. And then they are ready for sale either directly or through re-sellers. However 'team-work' is essential to make a successful job.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chamber of secrets

I always wonder about the presence of arches in most of the historical buildings here in INDIA. This picture was taken at the King's fort. Even though the buildings have become pale and broken, the essence of the fort is still there. Myself and my friends were wondering why they have built so many large chambers with a small entrance. Only after enquiring the local people, we came to know that the chambers were built for accomodating the horses. One chamber for every horse, wow. You can spot the small entrances on the right side in this picture. Imagining hundreds of knights running out from these chambers brings me a collosal feeling. I wish I could go back to the past to see this king's rule.