Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stream-line to turbulence

I am sure that the mechanical engineers could understand the story behind this picture right after reading the caption. This was taken during my one night shoot with the smoke. My dad was watching some cricket match late night that day. So, I had to close my door for avoiding some fishy reactions from him. Damn, I am not smoking yet my room was full of smoke and filled with pungent odour. If he had knocked my door, I would have emerged out from the clouds of smoke. I planned everything before the shoot since the subject was a little dangerous to handle in a small
room. Definitely, the Reynold's number would have been less than 2000 during the initial stage and might have raised above 10,000 in the final stage. All these transitions happened within just 5 seconds.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Either way - It's right

The place is in a church near St.Thomas mount. I could not guess where the steps lead down to. I personally feel that this picture has an awesome message. It tells me that whatever the path we choose from our heart will always be right and fruitful. This picture inspires me to move on through my own path in my life. Though one path may seem bigger and attractive than other, both leads to the same destination in life. The path chosen should be made right instead of choosing the right path. As captioned choosing either way is always right.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Finger-hand relationship

It was an amazing moment that day and also it was my first shooting experience in a wedding. I was packing up my camera when this cute little girl walked in with her mom. I knew I am left with a very little time. I quickly opened up my bag and took my camera out. She noticed me and got excited. she called her mom and pointed me. They did wait for me with pleasure. I just set the basic parameters and then pointed and shot this picture. Although I didn't have much time to control my picture parameters, this moment was truly wonderful. Somehow, I managed to take 3 shots with this kid. When I realized that I have got a pretty descent picture with this girl, I waved my hand to her. She replied me with her hand and walked away with a cute smile.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pillars of strength

This picture was taken during one of the most difficult trip I faced for photography. Yes, I did climb around 500 steps in the mid-day. It was summer and the sun was striking at it's best. Alas, I made it up to the tower. The place was beautiful and fortunately, I was in the shade. While making this picture, I was lying flat on the floor against the gravity because I could not bring the pillars in my frame while standing on my legs. I wished I could take some sleep there but it was not just the right time and place. The best thing about this trip is that I got 3 new friends just like that and 2 of them become so close to me. Never expected this day to happen so.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moon's night out

FYI, this picture was not taken on the day when the moon came closer to our earth. I found the moon beautiful, 2 days after the super moon day. Earlier, I have posted a sun rise picture which was taken from the same place. When I took a walk in my terrace that day, I felt more coldness in my feet. I started wondering why it was so cold that day. The clouds drifted faster and the cool breeze brought a pleasant feeling in me. I realized that i need to make a picture with the same feeling. The picture definitely describes the drifting clouds. I never feel lonely, whenever the moon is visible on the sky. To me, moon-love-companionship all these are mutually related to each other.