Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silent yet violent

The power of nature could never be under-estimated. This place is located somewhere in the north madras. The rock stones are brought together to make this artificial path through the sea. I felt like as if I am standing inside the sea when I turned back to look the shore. And many sea inhabitants rests on the rocks. The scene was beautiful whenever the water splashed against the rocks. Sometimes they rose to a height of more than 5 metres. I chose the monochrome version because it emphasizes the splashing water more than the rocks or the sea.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The mystery look: part 2

I hope that you might have enjoyed my " The mystery look" picture which I had posted earlier. This is the same girl and in every frame of mine, she had that mystery look. Although, I am not aware of the reason for it. Like many said, sometimes eyes speak a lot than words. I have one more picture of her in the series and I hope to post it sometime later. I wish to see this cute little girl once again in my life. For part 1, click here.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

King's fort, once upon a time.

The room was very dark and the ceiling was about 25 metres high. The smell of the atmosphere stinked because only the bats lived there these days. Somewhere in the middle of the ceiling, there was a small circular hole through which light rays flowed at an angle. The place is identified as a granary where the vijayanagar kings stored the grains. A path took me to the corner of the room where I found the broken steps. I climbed them without knowing where they lead me. After sometime I saw the blue skies, I smelled fresh air and of course my body felt the heat. And this is the view that mesmerized me from there and I sat down despite the thermal disturbances. You can spot two of my friends whom I met there for the first time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curve iD

As usual, one morning I went to the marina beach for capturing the sunrise. Before I reached the beach, there was one particular vehicle- some kind of a tractor which kept blocking my way. Everytime When I tried to overtake it, something came in between and prevented me to do it. Finally after reaching the beach, I kept exploring with objects in the sand like footprints, coconut with big husk, patterns left by the sea water and so on. After some time, the same tractor passed near me making an u-turn. This time, I looked the driver and gave a smile at him. He nodded back. The patterns on the sand looked wonderful and somehow I decided to make a picture with it. I was looking for high angle. While thinking of how to achieve the high angle, a boat came in and the fishermans pulled it towards the shore. Wow, after the fishermans got settle, I climbed the boat and composed this picture. Fortunately, my friend was standing there at one end of the curve which made the picture more meaningful.