Saturday, January 29, 2011

Light floods too.

I was wandering in the beach road looking for some subject. This flood light attracted me and i decided to make a picture with it. I circled around the light and finally ended up with this composition. Fortunately, the lights were off. The moon was also there in the sky but it couldn't be spotted easily in the picture. Somehow, i moved on immediately after taking this shot. I wish i could have spent more time there that day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The other side of me.

I took this shot on the way to the thirukazhukundram temple. The village was so beautiful and greenish. These ducks were crossing the road and so, caused our attention. The ducks were playing and enjoying their bath in the water. However their quackings were jarring though. The sun was straight ahead of me and so, the ducks were backlit. I realized that this duck is gonna stretch out its wings but never expected this much light on it. It was just the right moment.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A blast.

After my "Icon of an eye", this picture satisfies me the most. Because this image was also formed out of nothing. I saw some crazy ad postures lying on the table. Took it and punched it in random. When i removed the tray, those round bubbles flew away. Wow. Thats it. I did set up the background easily but spent a whole night on the lighting and the focus. Only the next night, I took this shot. I love this image a lot.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

End to end.

Long back, I used to go to the marina beach often, about 5 am with my friend. The clouds hid the sunrise that day, but still they were beautiful. We tried many jump shots and running shots. I positioned the subject to the extreme end to describe his long run, during my post processing. Definitely, this picture is one of my favourites.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The mystery look

The crowd was watching the splendid kolam competition in mylapore. I saw this girl, very cheerful and excited. I bent on my knees and waited for the right moment. I took a serious of shots with this girl and i moved on. Wherever I went that day, i saw this girl near me. When i downloaded the pictures to my system, i was surprised that this shot came very well. Another favourite candid moment added to my collections. Thanks to the girl.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Night life.

I shot this picture during my first night walk in the streets of chennai. It was around 9 pm and i was there on the overhead subway with my tripod. I waited for the traffic density to increase and when i guessed the situation right, i pressed the shutter button. And it was awesome after half a minute exposure. Luckily, i didn't notice any big movements in the streets as most of the people were standing far away from me. I took 25 shots there spending almost an hour. Thanks to Jayi for the beautiful vantage point.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Icon of an eye.

I shot this picture for one of my assignment on the theme "Lights and shadows". I would consider this shot as one of my best pictures I have taken ever. I started with a light bulb, then added elements to it one after another. I spent 2 days with this subject. Alas, a simple setup worked out. I never knew i would end with a picture like this. I have shot a series of around 100 photographs with this subject. I found it very difficult to choose one best shot from the 100. Finally, this picture satisfied me the most. At first, i captioned this picture as "Icon of light" but later changed to "Icon of an eye". I feel that my life is also lying on the same frequency similar to how this picture was formed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Thats me in the picture, in my room. During my early days, I didn't consider my window as an interesting subject to play with. When I realized its value, i thought it would be nice to make a sillhouette with it. I had set my camera on the tripod and this picture is self-taken. I struggled a little to freeze my tripod over the bed. I did as many as 30 attempts. It took me more time as I was looking for the right posture. Finally, I got satisfied with this shot at my 26th attempt. And this picture is one of my favourites in my sillhouettes collection.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Burnout paradise.

I never expected that i would go to this event "Hot laps with Lewis Hamilton" in Irungattukottai race track, sriperumbudur. The 2008 formula one champion Lewis entered the track in a helicopter waving hands out. He drove a mercedez AMG saloon car and a mercedez SLK convertible. Lewis took the winners of the vodafone contest for a couple of laps. He did many burnouts and donuts. Fortunately we were inside the "press-only" area and so I had a nice vantage point. Lewis was so simple, smiling, talkative and crazy too. He never looked straight on the road even while driving at 200 km/hr, but he is called as the safest driver on the earth. At one point, he made the entire crowd cough aloud. I saw nothing on the ground except white smoke. The torn pieces of tires were everywhere on the track. Thanks to Rajini and Jayi for the memorable day.