Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wake up - smile.

This shot was taken at the marina beach, one fine morning. I didn't own a DSLR camera that time. I was practising with my friend's D90. This kid along with 3 of his friends came around me. Knowing that I am set with a large aperture, I composed this picture standing high on my legs. The high vantage point helped to soften the picture towards his legs. The kids were very happy to be photographed and also they gave us some stunning poses. From his eyes, you could realize that he had just woken up. Relating it, I captioned this picture as "Wake up - smile".

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Light-works" down the sky.


This artificial light tree was installed in the middle of a small park that was set-up temporarily for an exhibition. It was on a sunday and so the place was heavily crowded. wherever I turned, I saw only a bunch of people hanging together. I got bored shooting people and was looking for some kind of isolated subjects. This light tree was just about 5 and half feet in height. So, it doesn't looked like an interesting subject to me at first. Still, I went near it and tried this angle. I was completely lying down resting my head against the floor. People started looking weird at me. When I took my first picture here, it was actually an evening around 5.30 pm and so the dumb sky was visible. Fortunately, I stayed there till 9 pm, that day. While returning, I composed the same shot but at that time, the sky was completely dark which suited perfectly. The light tree looked as if it was a splashing fireworks. That's what made me to caption this picture as Light-works down the sky. Guess what?, I used my point and shoot camera for getting this picture.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where was the car, Lewis?

Earlier, I have posted a similar picture taken at the same place. Yes. It's Lewis Hamilton on the wheels. He is the craziest driver I have ever seen in this world. Every now and then, he used to get into the grasslands, splattering the wet mud away. At one point, Lewis emerged admist of the clouds of smoke which looked like as if he was piercing through the sky. This picture is taken while he was making a donut with the mercedez AMG. Still, the real experience could not be described here in words. All that I could see in this moment was the clouds of smoke, for more than 10 seconds. If I had the chance, I would have asked Lewis "Where was the car man, for those 10 seconds". He is a very simple and humorous guy. I had a very good time with my lens there. All my thanks to Rajini and Jayi.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Re-capturing the real admirer.

I don't do a lot of portraits. Somehow, this man interested me that day. I was there in thiruporur area for getting some good street photographs. It was my second visit to the same place. This man came out from the temple and he was rushing towards me. I realized that I have got a very small time to click him. But I din't get my shot. This man crossed me but he noticed me a bit. I started chimping on my LCD. After a few steps, this man came back to me, smiling. He told me that he din't realize that I was actually photographing him. Then he posed for me and gave me ample amount of time. I took this shot and showed him the picture. He viewed it and tapped my shoulder. We had a small chat and then, he left. I am waving a big salute for this man. There are really some awesome people in this world who enjoy being photographed by strangers. Definitely, he is one among them. Thank you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The moment of pride.

This is the day when I felt proud of myself. I took this picture in a small orphanage cum school. I went there with my fellow photography friends. It was our Republic day and so, the school committee had organised a small cultural function. Soon after we entered the school campus, one of the student came near us and pinned the flags in our shirts. The kids were very happy to see a bunch of photographers around them. This girl also seemed very proud of pinning her flag and she never got disturb when I was photographing her. The founder of this school Mr Power Singam is a very kind and a jovial person. He expressed his sincere gratitude by wishing us for our presence. My club has donated around 5000 rupees out of which I have contributed 200 bucks from my savings. Mr Power Singam assured us that they will utilize the amount for building bathrooms and other sanitary facilities in the school.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Earlier, I have posted a similar picture "Night life", taken at the same place. This is also one of the long exposures I made that day. But this picture is pretty interesting. Can you see the orange blips in one of the red trails near the left corner?. Yes, It is the indicator light. The driver has used it to indicate his diversion as he was not ascending the fly-over. But I never noticed it in my LCD screen that day. Only after downloading the pictures to my system, I saw it. The use of the left indicator has been left indicated in my picture. Thats how my caption formed.

Monday, March 14, 2011


The birth of this leaf is simply amazing. I took this leaf from a small plant that had grown on one of the walls in my terrace. Yes, you got me right. The plant is growing on its own, neither in the sand nor in a nutritious environment. I am sure that it gets ample amount of sunlight as it is in open space and sufficient water from the overhead storage tank. It is a very small plant though. The roots were also strong. I wonder, how it will look after some years. While making this picture, I had the feeling as if some artist has just finished his master-stroke with his tool. Hope, you can feel the same here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bell the horse.


On my occasional visit with my friend to one of the Lord Shiva's temple in mylapore, I took this shot. The hanging bells were my first point of attraction. Actually, there were hanging on the chariot's floor. Somehow, I thought to include this horse too, in the frame. Suddenly a funny thought came into my mind. why is that, the cats are always being belled? why not bell the horse? Thats how the caption of this picture formed. Later, I tried a few attempts with the bells exclusively and moved on.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ghosty fingers.

A simple shot with a simple setup. I had this glass ball with some designs on it. I wanted to bring some horrific kind of feeling with it. It took me a lot of attempts as i felt hard to work it out all alone by myself holding my camera with one hand and the glass ball with the other. Since the ball was so soft, i had very little grip to hold it with my fingers. Most of the times, I dropped it on my bed. The missing finger, the off lying fore-finger, composition and the position of the other fingers in this particular shot satisfied me. Finally, I felt that the monochrome version of this picture would boost the effect.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look, recognize and smile.

I can never forget this cute girl in my life. She was one among the many other singers who came to mylapore festival event for delivering a rhythmic song. I shot this sequence when they were getting ready to perform on the stage. As i was standing near the left side of the stage, fortunately I got close to this girl. The time lag between these two shots is just a second. My title describes exactly what she did in 2 seconds. The most interesting moment happened only after they started with the song. Initially, this girl was singing so vibrantly and fluently. After some time, She started blinking a little. I guess, she did forget the lyrics. Somehow, she managed the situation beautifully and included some blah blah between them. As i was so near to her, I realized it. I put my camera down and started laughing. I cannot control my laughter for minutes. she was my favourite singer that day. This picture is also a special one because it is my first diptych here. Whenver I see this picture, I can relish the same moment from my desk. Thank you cute lady.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Over the pyramid.

I took this shot in the streets of parrys market. This is one of the place which looks fresh everytime, whenever I visit there. This picture was a blind shot as I chose a high vantage point. Fortunately, I got the right picture in my third attempt. Finding a good angle is indeed the toughest part of street photography. I wished, the fruit seller might have arranged the top row too. I was not sure about the quality of the picture while seeing in the LCD screen, but I got satisfied after downloading them to my system. This was also a memorable walk with my photography club members in an early sunday morning.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Night is so young.

I went to this place one fine evening, with my friend and waited for the night to settle down. Napier's bridge is one of the famous bridges in chennai. You could have seen this bridge in the tamil movie "Ayutha Ezhuthu". Even though the foul smell irritated much, the koovum river looked beautiful because of the reflections. Unfortunately, it started raining but fortunately, we had a place to hide in. The rain was not heavy, still they showered continuously. After an hour, the showers became light enough to take out my gears. I had this frame in my mind and so it took only a few minutes to capture the scene. After every exposure, I wiped my lens and gear to remove the water droplets. We spent almost an hour there. Later, I heard that the government spent 2 crore rupees for setting the lights on this bridge.