Monday, December 27, 2010

To pierce the sky.

Taken at Thiruporur murugan temple, near chennai. It was during a CWC photowalk on a fine sunday morning. The weather was good and fortunately we had a clear sunrise that day. The temple pond glittered in the rays of the rising sun. The diving kids, washing ladies, praying people, the smell of the flowers, and the smiling faces all made a wonderful feeling there. I was roaming inside the temple looking for the subject. The spears on the gate attracted me. First, I dint notice the spear on the vimana. Later, when I realized the spear in the background, I wished to make a frame with them. The curve on the ceiling added geometry to this picture. It is my most satisfied picture of the walk.

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  1. hey i hv visited this place :) nice cam wrk dear


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