Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Night is so young.

I went to this place one fine evening, with my friend and waited for the night to settle down. Napier's bridge is one of the famous bridges in chennai. You could have seen this bridge in the tamil movie "Ayutha Ezhuthu". Even though the foul smell irritated much, the koovum river looked beautiful because of the reflections. Unfortunately, it started raining but fortunately, we had a place to hide in. The rain was not heavy, still they showered continuously. After an hour, the showers became light enough to take out my gears. I had this frame in my mind and so it took only a few minutes to capture the scene. After every exposure, I wiped my lens and gear to remove the water droplets. We spent almost an hour there. Later, I heard that the government spent 2 crore rupees for setting the lights on this bridge.

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