Monday, March 21, 2011

Re-capturing the real admirer.

I don't do a lot of portraits. Somehow, this man interested me that day. I was there in thiruporur area for getting some good street photographs. It was my second visit to the same place. This man came out from the temple and he was rushing towards me. I realized that I have got a very small time to click him. But I din't get my shot. This man crossed me but he noticed me a bit. I started chimping on my LCD. After a few steps, this man came back to me, smiling. He told me that he din't realize that I was actually photographing him. Then he posed for me and gave me ample amount of time. I took this shot and showed him the picture. He viewed it and tapped my shoulder. We had a small chat and then, he left. I am waving a big salute for this man. There are really some awesome people in this world who enjoy being photographed by strangers. Definitely, he is one among them. Thank you!

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