Saturday, March 19, 2011

The moment of pride.

This is the day when I felt proud of myself. I took this picture in a small orphanage cum school. I went there with my fellow photography friends. It was our Republic day and so, the school committee had organised a small cultural function. Soon after we entered the school campus, one of the student came near us and pinned the flags in our shirts. The kids were very happy to see a bunch of photographers around them. This girl also seemed very proud of pinning her flag and she never got disturb when I was photographing her. The founder of this school Mr Power Singam is a very kind and a jovial person. He expressed his sincere gratitude by wishing us for our presence. My club has donated around 5000 rupees out of which I have contributed 200 bucks from my savings. Mr Power Singam assured us that they will utilize the amount for building bathrooms and other sanitary facilities in the school.

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