Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look, recognize and smile.

I can never forget this cute girl in my life. She was one among the many other singers who came to mylapore festival event for delivering a rhythmic song. I shot this sequence when they were getting ready to perform on the stage. As i was standing near the left side of the stage, fortunately I got close to this girl. The time lag between these two shots is just a second. My title describes exactly what she did in 2 seconds. The most interesting moment happened only after they started with the song. Initially, this girl was singing so vibrantly and fluently. After some time, She started blinking a little. I guess, she did forget the lyrics. Somehow, she managed the situation beautifully and included some blah blah between them. As i was so near to her, I realized it. I put my camera down and started laughing. I cannot control my laughter for minutes. she was my favourite singer that day. This picture is also a special one because it is my first diptych here. Whenver I see this picture, I can relish the same moment from my desk. Thank you cute lady.

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