Monday, March 28, 2011

"Light-works" down the sky.


This artificial light tree was installed in the middle of a small park that was set-up temporarily for an exhibition. It was on a sunday and so the place was heavily crowded. wherever I turned, I saw only a bunch of people hanging together. I got bored shooting people and was looking for some kind of isolated subjects. This light tree was just about 5 and half feet in height. So, it doesn't looked like an interesting subject to me at first. Still, I went near it and tried this angle. I was completely lying down resting my head against the floor. People started looking weird at me. When I took my first picture here, it was actually an evening around 5.30 pm and so the dumb sky was visible. Fortunately, I stayed there till 9 pm, that day. While returning, I composed the same shot but at that time, the sky was completely dark which suited perfectly. The light tree looked as if it was a splashing fireworks. That's what made me to caption this picture as Light-works down the sky. Guess what?, I used my point and shoot camera for getting this picture.

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